The digital revolution of Certimed

With some 600,000 to 700,000 certificates per year, Certimed is the Belgian market leader in the field of control medicine. In collaboration with Input For You, the focus is now on a fully digital platform. Transformation and therefore change are the key words.

For some years now, Certimed has focused on supporting companies in managing absenteeism and accompanying employees back to work as soon as possible. “This is a strategic focus for us”, says general manager Bart Teuwen. To this end, a new digital platform will be launched this year so that companies’ HR departments can easily follow up on each employee. Certimed, which is part of the Mensura group, has some 5,000 clients, including the entire Flemish and Walloon education sector.

Even today, Certimed’s core business is the medical examination of employees and the verification of their fitness for work or not. In addition to its own 43 employees, Certimed employs some 300 independent control doctors. It also takes care of the entire administrative flow and processes the medical certificates. With 600,000 to 700,000 certificates per year, this is no easy task. For this, Certimed turns to Input For You which provides the complete digital scan of the medical certificates that arrive by e-mail or post. “The government has already made considerable efforts to ensure the digital transition among doctors, but there’s still a long way to go. About 60-70% of the certificates are still analog,” says Bart Teuwen. He estimates that it will take another two to five years before all doctors go digital.

Input For You has to process a large number of handwritten certificates, but manages to convert them into digital files almost perfectly. “The investment paid off quite quickly. We were able to save the costs of about five FTEs”, says Bart Teuwen, “We are thus very satisfied with our collaboration with Input For You. They are a reliable partner, the quality is excellent and they think along with us about solutions. After all, we have to work smart and efficiently because the margins are not that big. So innovation is a must,” says Bart Teuwen.

For Certimed, one of the major projects for the coming years is the further development of a new digital platform. This will be another huge challenge.