Strong partnership between DKV and Input For You

“Input For You contributes to our success and it is an indispensable link in our process “, says Wim Mariën, Head of claims at DKV. The two companies have been working together since 2012.

With two million customers, DKV is undoubtedly THE market leader in health insurance. The company is also known for its outstanding customer service.  “We have built up a huge amount of know-how,” says Wim Mariën. Half of the customers are private individuals who come through insurance brokers. The other half are affiliated through their employers. DKV has 30,000 corporate clients. For them, it is usually a matter of customisation. “DKV has always been at the forefront of innovation. For example, DKV was the first to offer a hospital card, the Medi-Card, which allows us to pay the bill directly at the hospital. Most other insurance companies have subsequently adopted the same principle.

About nine years ago, DKV started a real digital transformation process. Partly because the costs of processing medical records were rising, it had to automate.

Until then, medical claims were mainly reviewed manually before approval. A new processing system was developed with Input For You as a strategic partner. Today, DKV receives about 8,000 documents per day, including 2,500 hospital bills and 5,500 outpatient bills. The digital data flow via the Medi-Card process only applies to hospital bills. All other invoices contain unstructured data, and each hospital and health insurance fund has its own layout. This is exactly why Input For You was chosen. It enriches the data and ensures uniform digitisation, which makes processing much faster. DKV is committed to ensuring that only 3.5 working days elapse between receipt of the invoice and payment. In addition, Input For You offers a 99.5% quality guarantee.

If Covid-19 has brought anything positive, it is the decrease in the number of paper documents from 17% before the pandemic to 10% today. In addition, 7 out of 10 documents are transmitted via the DKV application. One fifth of all documents are still sent by e-mail, which is a significant waste of time. DKV is working on an improved version of its application, and Wim Mariën hopes that by the end of 2022, e-mail will no longer be used as a means of sending medical expense claims.

At the same time, more strategic thinking is being done on the expense claim processing system, with a move towards machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Wim Mariën is pleased that Input For You is already at the forefront in this field, with a special AI department in Spain. “For the digitalisation of DKV, Input For You was an absolute must”, says Wim Mariën, Head of claims.