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Going digital for expats – Globality Health

A company with a clear focus: the exceptional international health insurance for expats, Globality Health is a relatively young company, founded in 2008, but with some 25,000 customers, of which two-thirds are corporate users, it is more than a world player. For its digital journey, Globality Health chose Input For You. “And we are very happy to be working with them,” says Head of Operations David Heinemann.

An employee sent to Indonesia for work as an expat, for example, immediately receives the necessary support, information about medical care and total health insurance, 24 hours a day. Not always obvious, because each country has its own peculiarities, its own rules, its own approach, often its own language and also its own codes for paper or digital work and follow-up. This concerns no less than 200,000 invoices per year. “Paper was never really a problem. We cannot ask expats to send their documents by post. Often, however, it was via e-mail, which is very cumbersome. Today, 77 per cent comes in via smartphone or via the self-service portals for corporate clients and individual customers,” says an enthusiastic David Heinemann.

Since December 2020, Globality Health has launched the ‘Claims Automation Project’, initially in Germany, now also in Austria, Singapore and the United Emirates, which will be rolled out globally over time. The aim is to work out a uniform authorisation system in which the various parameters are automatically read in. As said, this is not so simple because each country has its own standard. A partnership with Input For You was chosen, but Globality Health has involved all its divisions, the project management, the IT department and operations. “I am very satisfied with the collaboration with Input For You. The quality is very good”, David Heinemann agrees. The return on investment was almost immediate.

When Globality Health will go 100 per cent digital is still a matter of conjecture. Today, 23 per cent of claims still come in by email, but that is decreasing every year. “Digital is the way to go,” says David Heinemann.

Globality Health is headquartered in Luxembourg, has customers all over the world, mainly in Europe, Asia and the American continents… One third of the users are located in Western Europe.