The metamorphosis of PersoPoint

PersoPoint has undergone a major transformation in recent years. The service centre for personnel and salary management of the federal government has undergone a decisive digital transformation. Input For You was chosen to digitize more than 75,000 files.

PersoPoint is part of the federal public service BOSA, which is responsible for policy and support. The director, Liliane Verreyen, moved from the private sector (HP-EDS) to the government in 2014 and has never looked back. She helped to draw the canvas for the new approach and the far-reaching digitalisation. “Until then, employees still submitted changes to days off, overtime or other personnel matters on paper. The changes were then entered manually in the Cobol mainframe. Today, 75% of these transactions are done automatically. The old Cobol payroll engine was replaced by SAP, but all files also had to be digitised. The new salary engine has been operational since April 2020 and almost all ministries, including the FPS Interior and the Chancellery, have adopted the system. The old solution will soon be a thing of the past.

“More than an IT project, it was an organisational project”, explains Liliane Verreyen. The various HR departments were centralised at PersoPoint, which grew from 8 to 300 employees. Once all ministries have taken the plunge, the number of employees will almost double again. The two largest FPSs, Finance and Justice, which together account for 45,000 files, have yet to make the transition. “From now on, each employee can check the status of his or her personal file and salary at any time. They have full control over their data and can, for example, request holidays themselves in the system. This already brings more clarity and transparency.  ”

It goes without saying that the data available must be 100% reliable, but this is not always easy to achieve. That’s why PersoPoint chose Input For You as its provider for the digitisation of records at the end of 2015, and early 2016. It was a framework contract. “We are extremely satisfied with their approach. Input For You also immediately thought with us about the best way to process the files digitally and looked for solutions together with us. We really appreciated that”, says Liliane Verreyen. The volumes involved are also huge, no less than 75,000 files representing 11,176,766 pages. Today, PersoPoint is the centre of excellence for personnel administration and payroll processing. A true metamorphosis.