AI Data Capture

AI Data Capture

Choose an Artificial Intelligence platform to perform data capture beyond traditional OCR Classic template-based solutions require a lot of modelling time & only work for a limited number of layouts that don’t change over time.

Once documents become more heterogeneous, you’ll need an approach based on Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks to our active learning algorithms you can build accurate document processing models faster and with less data.

Template based data capture Template-based solutions often based on traditional OCR techniques, require structured input with fixed   layouts.

  • Changes in document formats or layouts require extensive manual workto create, maintain and adjust the templates, because the system memorizes the layout.
  • Static performanceover time.

AI Data capture  Next generation deep learning handles unstructured data  like free form text coming from scans, PDA uploads or e-mails with unlimited variety.

  • The algorithms learn from contextand are flexible to input format changes because they interprettext and layout, not just memorize it.
  • These self learning models improve over time through exception validation.
  • As we handle exception validation we guarantee 99,5%“worry free”accurate data